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The classification of Olive Oil means that it is an oil that is obtained only from the fruit of the olive tree.  It  is  not  mixed  with  any  other  oils  (for  example,  hazelnut  oil),  and  the  process  by  which  it  is made cannot involve the use of solvents or reesterification (one definitely needs a college chemistry course to understand this!). The classification of  Olive Oil  is further divided into  Virgin Olive Oil  and Olive Oil.
In  order  for  an  olive  oil  to  bear  the  classification  of  virgin,  the  oil  must  be  obtained  only  by mechanical means or other physical means, under specific temperature or thermal requirements that do not  lead  to  its  alteration  or  deterioration.  Any  treatment  other  than  washing,  decantation, centrifugation, or filtration is not acceptable. There are several grades of virgin olive oil. Here are the two that you are probably familiar with: